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St Joseph's RC Primary School



Attached are copies of the school's Admissions Policies for the Nursery and the Infant and Junior School. 

2018/2019 - Nursery

2018/2019 - Reception

2019/2020 - Nursery

2019/2020 -  Reception

Also available for information are the policies for:

2017/2018 Reception and Nursery

2016/17 - Reception and Nursery

2015/16 - Reception

2015/16 - Nursery

 Please click on the relevant link to open a PDF copy of the policy.


Nursery Application Form


This form is now available to download in Word or PDF format.

It can then be returned

  • by hand to the School Office
  • by post to St Joseph's RC Primary School Market St, Mossley OL5 0ES

Supplementary Information Form

The supplementary Information Form, which we require you to complete for all new admissions is available below.

Supplementary Form.pdf