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Special Needs and SEND

Every child deserves a fair start in life, with the very best opportunity to succeed.

At St Joseph's we aim to be as inclusive as possible and, wherever we are able, to remove barriers to learning.

The objectives of our policy must be guided by our Mission Statement, which states that we wish to promote, as far as possible, the personal development of each child, to develop self awareness, self respect and respect for the differences of others.

Implicit in this statement is the obligation to provide a curriculum which recognizes each pupil as an individual so that they may reach their full potential.  Accordingly, we must ensure equality of opportunity for all our pupils.

In line with the requirements of the SEN Code of Practice, the educational provision for all pupils must ensure that whatever the nature of their individual educational needs, they are gaining access to a broad, balanced and relevant education which is differentiated to meet their individual needs.

Children with special educational needs are defined as children with individual educational needs, which are not characteristic of the majority of their age group.  This is approximately 20% of the general school population. This includes learning difficulties caused by physical or sensory impairment, illness, emotional or behavioural difficulty or interrupted schooling.

A special need also encompasses children whose educational performance is significantly in advance of their age group. Both categories of children require a whole school response to meet their educational requirements.

Details of arrangements at the school are set out in our:

Special Educational Needs Policy

Our response to Tameside Council's "Local Offer Questionnaire" on SEND


Special Educational Needs (SEN) Report